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Superior wheelchair model! Showing you that differently-abled is still sexy. Standing at 6 feet tall, my stature alone will take your breath away. I love to cover my incredibly long legs in nylons and wear high heels on my elegant feet. My disability is 100% real.

I began my exhibitionist/model life as an exotic dancer in the early 1990's, and since have continued to put myself out there and continue to want to create beauty. At times I do find it hard to feel sexy and desirable, so my site goes a long way to giving me back my confidence and self esteem that can easily fall away in the face of disability.

I will continue to embrace who I am physically no matter how it turns out, and I will continue to enjoy creating my art in whatever way I desire.

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September 5, 2019: Note from Sexy Para

I remember a time when I really enjoyed making content for this site and for my admirers. I used to think how wonderful it was that I could still be considered sexy despite my disability. Then I decided to start branching out and making content for people who don't know I'm disabled. That made me realize that I AM still sexy and it was glorious. I did both for a while, but unfortunately, too many devotees began stalking my non-disabled profiles and TO THIS VERY DAY insist on making innapropriate comments on public pages and sending me inappropriate messages. I have had enough. If you were ever wondering why I don't update this site as much anymore... there is your answer. It's because some of you (not all) just can't seem to repsect my desire to have a separate, non-disabled persona where I can freely create and not be desired simply for my disability, but for all of me. Shame on you.

April 10, 2019: NEW VIDEO!

Another new video has been uploaded to my ManyVids store! This one was a custom order by a long time fan! You can get yours, too. Email me shannon@sexypara.com and give me your idea. If I approve it, I will send you information as to cost and how to pay.

Walking: Little Black Dress and Pantyhose

Kisses! Sexy Para

April 9, 2019: NEW VIDEO!

Hi guys!

I filmed a new video for you today! I show off a few outfits and a couple pairs of new high heels, including my new Louboutins!! This is a must see for sure!!

Different Outfits and Heels

Kisses! Sexy Para

April 7, 2019: Note from Sexy Para

Hi guys!

I've been really sick with a cold the past couple of weeks :( I am starting to feel a tiny bit better, though and I will be filming new content for my store this week. I have a custom order to fill and I have tons of new outfits and heels and stuff that I want to showcase!

I'm also taking a vacation to Las Vegas soon so I will be sure to share a bunch of great stuff from that trip in my Many Vids Crush area! You can get there simply by going to my Many Vids profile and becoming my Crush!!

Kisses! Sexy Para

March 21, 2019: Note from Sexy Para

Wow, you guys!! I have uploaded almost ALL of my videos to my ManyVids Store!

You can now get access once again to my member's area by joining my Many Vids Store! Just go to my profile and choose "Get My Vids" It's only 49.99 for one month to view everything, including my photos I constantly upload!

There is also a neat feature called "My Crush" where you can join and get exclusive pictures, video snippets and message me directly!

Be sure to head over there and check it all out. It's mobile friendly and is just a much better platform for me to move forward with my content ;)

Kisses! Sexy Para


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